Thank you to Jina Kang, Program Director a CSI Virginia for this great list of things to do from your home!

Below are some free, alternative activities that people can engage in during the COVID-19 pandemic or any other situation where social distancing would be in effect.

The BalletNOVA Center for Dance in Falls Church, Virginia, is hosting virtual dance classes for all ages and abilities (

The Cincinnati Zoo is offering free Safari Facebook Live sessions daily where they will feature an animal and provide an activity to do from home (

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is launching a weekday Virtual Classroom on Facebook Live  (

For more zoo and aquarium live streams and events visit:

For great recipes to make in home, check out the following sites. They offer free recipes, and some offer free video instructions!

For great arts and crafts to do inside, visit the following. There’s a great variety!

Besides Netflix, Hulu, and other popular streaming services, Sproutflix is offering free, full-screen playlist of 10 popular shorts films. These films feature people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and are great to watch during this time indoors. Go to the following to access the playlist:

You can also take a virtual tour of some of the world’s most famous museums. These tours are interactive and will help enhance your learning experience while being stuck at home.

Exercise webinars are available to stream online, but some require a small fee. Here are some free exercise live streams:

  • 305 Fitness: If you like to do your cardio in the form of dance, head over to 305’s YouTube channel for at-home workouts you can do from your living room (
  • Down Under Yoga: Peruse this local yoga studio’s online yoga library for whatever practice fits your fancy for the day. Choose from a 15-minute yoga nidra, a 60-minute yoga for anxiety class, and more (
  • Sweat FixxBroken down by body part and equipment needed, these classes are a great full-body strength option (

For those who are beginning to get bored of the same iPad apps, check out this list of 30 new apps:

Here are daily projects for reading, thinking and growing, targeted towards school age children, but some might like the interactive interface:

For virtual concert listing, visit:

Several colleges and universities are also providing free online learning sessions, so check out your favorite school and see what is offered! fffffff