alysonMy name is Alyson, and I grew up in Northern Virginia. I attended my home County’s High School and graduated in 1999.

I lived in my own apartment before moving to my new home. I moved because of increasing health issues and have since lost and kept off 60 pounds. My health issues are under control now. I have two housemates who I have become really good friends with. We like to share activities, such as dancing, bowling, watching sports, and going out to eat.

My hobbies and interests are bowling, swimming dancing, golf, reading, animals, acting, traveling and writing poetry. I also enjoy watching sports in person and on television. My favorite football team is the Dallas Cowboys, and I am looking forward to my trip to Dallas for Thanksgiving 2008. While in Dallas, I am going to a Cowboys game. This is their last year at the old stadium.

I have also received many awards and medals for competitive swimming. I excel at the butterfly stroke and have even taught several other people to swim the butterfly. I was co-captain of my swim team in Spring 2008. I also bowl in the Special Olympics bowling league every Sunday.

I have traveled from the east to the west cost of the USA and from the south to the north in my lifetime. I traveled with my family in an RV on these trips, staying at many different camp grounds along the way. Recently, I attended a family reunion in Williamsburg, VA.

I participated in Very Special Arts (VSA) this past winter. VSA is a theatrical troupe that combines persons with disabilities with those without. I played a firefighter. In the past, I have done several other productions with them, too.

My very latest news is that I just got a job at Wegmans grocery store and enjoy going there each day. I am a helping hand to customers in loading their groceries into their cars.

In closing, I want to share a poem with you. I have written several poems and have begun compiling them into a book which I hope to publish on the Internet.

People of all kinds are different from each other
People of all kinds are born different
People of all kinds are mentally challenged
People of all kinds are of average intelligence
People of all kinds are alike anyway
God created people of all kinds.