cliftonClifton, 29 years old, is living a full life now, having experienced a remarkable life change since coming to CSI’s residential supports six years ago. Clifton came from an out-of-state campus-style residential program, having lived there for five years (age 17-22). He was considerably overweight, often expressed himself with challenging behaviors, and received multiple medications.

Changes in Clifton’s life have been gradual, but dramatic. He has lost approximately 100 pounds. With excellent medical/behavioral health care, his medications have been reduced to one.

In his work life, Clifton initially showed little enthusiasm. Gradually, CSI assisted him to manage a weekly paper route (Shopper) at which he has become very skilled. That occupies him one day weekly. In 2006 Clifton also participated in a work trial at Wal-mart as a cart gatherer. He has performed so well that Wal-mart has granted him more hours and a 40% wage increase. Now, his employee evaluations include quantitative goals, which he continues to meet. In early July (2008), he proudly traveled with a representative of OPCO (his vocational services provider) to an out-of-state conference on supported employment to share his story in a speech to conference attendees.

Clifton has become an avid gym attendee, which has improved not only his health, but his opportunity for meeting people in his community.

Until now, Clifton has lived in a four-person group home. In July 2008, Clifton moved with his friend, George, to a townhome in Northern Virginia. Clifton’s vision included to: move with a friend with whom he could share favorite activities; live nearer his family; and live in a two-story home. He accomplished all three. He and George are assisted by a third housemate whose responsibility (in exchange for partially paid living expenses) is to provide the two gentlemen limited assistance in the overnight hours/weekends. Daily, CSI staff provide assistance during daytime/evening hours in support of vocational, recreational, and home management activities for both gentlemen.

Looking forward, Clifton’s vision also includes marriage. While he has no girlfriend presently, he will surely meet someone soon with whom he can contemplate a serious relationship.