kennyKenny is an extraordinary man who, in the past year, has become a publicly recognized figure. Kenny, who is wheelchair using as a result of a cerebral hemorrhage experienced when he was 11 years old, has created a website called “The Traveling Wheelchair.”

On the site, Kenny and his circle of friends have begun rating public buildings on Cape Cod and elsewhere for their accessibility. The site uses a star rating (from zero to five) to rate accessibility, together with a brief narrative. To date, the site contains over 1,000 reviews of public places, ranging from government buildings to convenience stores.

Today’s top story…Kenny!The site has attracted thousands of visitors and, most recently, has also attracted the attention of Massachusetts news outlets, including newspapers and television stations, who have interviewed Kenny about the nature of his public service.

Kenny is enjoying a very full life. Earlier, he lived for 20 years in a nursing home. He benefited from a class action suit which sought to transfer young persons with developmental disabilities to community residences from nursing homes. He lives in a CSI-supported home and is supported in his website work by his devoted CSI staff, parents, and friends.