michaelMichael became a member of the CSI family in December of 2005. Michael’s strengths are communicating, reading, memorization, maintaining relationships with friends and family,
and musical trivia, to name a few. He enjoys traveling, attending outdoor concerts, shopping, listening to Classic Rock, frequenting local restaurants, and talking to his girlfriend Vivian on the telephone.

When Michael joined CSI, a combination of excess weight and chronic knee pain made it difficult for him to be active in his home or to do many of the things that he enjoyed most in the community. His frequent knee pains would cause him to be in unhappy moods, warrant him taking a high dosage pain reliever several times a day, and cause him to want to be inactive. In December of 2005, Michael’s favorite activity was sitting on the couch and listening to Classic Rock on DC 101.1.

Michael, with the assistance of his counselors, identified his weight and resulting pain as impeding his happiness and decided to set a goal to reduce his weight. By March of 2006, Michael had purchased an exercise bike that he would ride for thirty minutes each day. The results were nearly immediate, as Michael began to lose weight and require less medication for knee pain. He began to walk within the community and within Fair Oaks Mall, which continues to be one of his favorite activities. Michael’s overall happiness became apparent. In the early summer of 2006, Michael decided to visit his parent in Florida and take in the sights of Disney World while he was there; he did both in August of 2006. This was a significant trip for Michael because a year prior, walking such a large theme park would have been unimaginable.

Along with becoming more active in the community, Michael’s life at home took a positive turn as well. Now in happier moods, he formed brotherly relationships with his housemates, James and Terry. Additionally, Michael gradually sought more independence by performing many self-care and household tasks without prompts. In the summer of 2007 he went to see one of his favorite bands, The Allman Brothers, and took a much anticipated vacation to Atlantic City. At his ISP meeting in August 2007, Michael would finally indicate his interest in living in a more independent setting, preferably a townhome.

Michael is now 52 years old and has been supported by CSI just shy of three years. As reported by his family, friends and healthcare providers, Michael is the happiest he has been in years. Michael is no longer ailed by knee pain and interacts more positively with his co-workers, friends and family. On September 1, 2008, Michael’s dream to live in a more independent setting was realized when he and Alfred, who has worked with him since Michael joined CSI, moved into a townhouse together in Northern Virginia.