Partnering with Local Businesses & Others

CSI-CT manages a Supported Employment Program, creating an opportunity to partner with local businesses. Businesses partner with CSI to create employment opportunities for persons working singly (with varying degrees of job coaching as appropriate), or with a small group of colleagues in an enclave. To illustrate, some persons supported by CSI-CT work competitively in auto parts stores, home improvement stores, retail establishments, restaurants, and factories. Some of these establishments are affiliated with national chains, whereas others have local ownership. Other persons may work in small groups to manage janitorial, grounds maintenance, or facility cleaning tasks on contract.

CSI-DE (like CSI-MA and CSI-VA) has a contractual responsibility to provide individualized day supports to persons, several seeking competitive employment. CSI staff provide job coaching to persons employed. Some persons have gained sufficient skill and confidence that they no longer have CSI job coaches. They travel to/from work and manage their assignments independently. Of note, the employers are organizationally diverse, to include the Delaware State Police and the University of Delaware. Another person supported by CSI-DE has realized her dream of working as an aide in a child care center.

CSI welcomes the opportunity to partner with local businesses and others to provide job opportunities for persons with disabilities.