Partnering with Families Directly

The large majority of families seek residential supports for their loved one with disabilities through their state or local government’s designated service agency. Such agencies assist with fact finding, identifying program resources, and providing financial resources. On occasion, families approach CSI directly to provide their loved one residential, case management, and/or day activity supports at the family’s expense. While the circumstances vary, families with financial resources may make direct contact with CSI. Reasons include:

  • They cannot gain status on a government-administered residential services waiting list within the desired timeframe for obtaining such supports, and they have the financial resources to proceed independently.
  • They find a greater sense of security, particularly if elderly or unwell, in making future arrangements for their adult child directly with the organization they choose to provide the services, rather than leaving key decisions to government agency administrators after their death; or
  • They desire limited supports (perhaps 20 hours per week) for their adult child while awaiting the availability of full-scale, government funded residential services. Families with the financial resources to pay for limited services in the interim may ask CSI to provide recreation, targeted case management, and/or respite services in support of their loved one still living in the family home.

CSI welcomes direct contacts from families who have the financial resources to explore contracting directly with a private, non-profit organization in the absence of governmental supports.