Partnering with Governments

CSIs work on behalf of state government agencies in Connecticut, Delaware, and Massachusetts. Specifically:

  • CSI-CT provides residential, day activity, employment, and in-family-home supports on behalf of the CT Department of Developmental Services.
  • CSI-DE provides residential and other supports on behalf of the DE Department of Health and Social Services, Division of Developmental Disabilities Services, and
  • CSI-MA provides residential, day activity (employment and recreation), and targeted case management supports on behalf of the MA Department of Developmental Services and the MA Commission for the Blind.

Services in the Commonwealth of Virginia are organized regionally by Community Services Boards (CSBs), rather than by the state. CSI-Northern Virginia works on behalf of the Fairfax-Fall Church, Arlington, Loudoun, and Prince William County CSBs, as well as the City of Alexandria CSB.

Supplemental government relationships augment the above principal relationships. For example, programs receive Medicaid Community Waiver funds, sometimes received via the developmental disabilities services agency and other times billed directly by CSI to the state government’s Medicaid agency. In another example, CSI assists persons to receive food stamps, housing vouchers, and other government services for which they are qualified from the applicable state or local agency.

CSI welcomes the opportunity to establish new contractual relationships with governments either in new regions of states in which CSI now operates (CT, DE, MA, and VA), or in wholly new states.