Partnering with Non-Profit Organizations

CSI partners with non-profit organizations which provide complementary health/human services. Three key illustrations follow.

CSI-VA contracts with Brain Injury Services (BIS) to provide life skills training and drop-by residential supports to persons with acquired brain injury(ABI). BIS is a regional organization with responsibility for providing a continuum of services for persons with ABI on behalf of area governments The CSI-BIS working relationship is a positive one, which recognizes that CSI specializes in residential supports and BIS does not otherwise have this expertise or operate 24-hour services.

CSI-MA partners with LIGHT (Lending Individuality, Guidance and Hope To), whose mission is to support the spiritual and emotional needs of persons with developmental disabilities (and their circle of support) as they near the end of their lives. CSI has facilitated the development of LIGHT’s strategic plan and welcomes LIGHT’s efforts to coordinate events for caregivers and families, as well as facilitate support group meetings for persons supported.

CSI-MA also partners with Fall River Family Services on behalf of persons in shared living. Together, CSI and FRFS provide adult foster care wrap-around supports. FRFS provides clinical services, whereas CSI provides persons behavioral intervention, training in the skills of daily living, and assistance to achieve community integration.

CSI welcomes outreach from non-profit, human services organizations seeking partners to share in providing elements of the human services continuum. CSI’s expertise lies in residential, employment, and case management supports for persons with disabilities.