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Community Systems Support and Management Services, Inc. (SAMS) is CSI’s organizational alternative to a traditional corporate headquarters. Business and human resource management functions are decentralized to each state’s CSI office, a purposeful decision early in CSI’s organizational development.

SAMS focuses principally on strategic planning, cross-state corporate policy development, compliance and financial oversight, program evaluation/quality assurance, and support of and liaison to the Boards of Directors. Corporate officers are readily available to CSI Executive Directors daily. While each CSI has characteristic distinctions, Executive Directors also collaborate cross-state to remain abreast of the state-of-the-best practice, to develop creative support options and to evaluate CSI program quality.

Support, consultation and training opportunities centered on:

  • Building Mission Focused Teams
  • Growing Leaders for Our Future- Building the Bench
  • Ensuring Quality Supports for Person with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
  • Finding Happiness…Helping Persons with ID/DD to live their dreams
  • And more, including customized talent development programs.

Our team of excellent presenters provides interactive training based on CSI’s 30+ years of experience that promote the state-of-the-best practice. Our training is energetic and interactive. All participants leave with personal goals to actualize their learning.

Currently, corporate officers are engaged in the implementation of CSI’s fourth Strategic Plan (2015-2020) which encompasses succession planning for future generations of CSI leadership.

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  • Community Systems Support & Management Services Inc.

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