Day Activity Supports

There may be persons for whom employment is too great a physical, behavioral or mental challenge. If so, there are alternative day activities which include recreational, volunteer, and community experiences.

Day activities are sometimes described as site-based (i.e., housed at a day program building site) and sometimes not. They are sometimes group-based and sometimes individual. CSI-Connecticut has a program site which serves as the base of activities for day activities.┬áIn contrast, CSI-Massachusetts, CSI-Delaware, and CSI-Virginia do not have site-based programs, but launch day activities from the person’s home and only sponsor 1:1 activities. Among the persons supported in day activities by CSI are persons who have been involuntarily discharged from more traditional day programs as a result of their challenging behaviors. In turn, CSI organizes activities which mix employment, volunteerism, and recreation activities over the course of the week.

To illustrate, a person supported may have opportunities over 30 day hours/week to participate regularly in swimming at the area YMCA, work at a fast food restaurant, and volunteer at the local humane society animal shelter.

CSIs welcome inquiries about their abilities to provide day activity supports to persons who may or may not be supported residentially by CSIs.