People with Challenging Behaviors

Some persons with developmental disabilities, including but not limited to persons with autism, experience challenging behaviors.

Challenging behaviors include assaults on property and/or people. Asocial behaviors include grabbing food from a family style dinner table. Unsafe behaviors include bolting into traffic, opening the door of a moving vehicle, and refusing to participate in fire drills.

There are many causes of these behaviors, among them: having never learned appropriate social behaviors while residing in an institution; having no other effective means of communication; and having anger at the lack of control in one’s life.

Persons with challenging behaviors can be supported successfully in their community, and Community Systems, Inc. specializes in supporting such persons. CSI utilizes a mix of well trained, experienced staff, consultants, and program strategies to help supported persons find success.

Program strategies include developing positive behavior support plans; helping persons acquire individual, alternative methods of communication; and allowing persons control over as many areas of their lives as safely possible. The objective is to give persons an internal locus of control, which heretofore has been lacking.