People with Dual Diagnoses

Similar to the population at large, a certain percentage of persons with developmental disabilities also have formal diagnoses of mental illness (MI).

Many persons with intellectual disabilities and mental illness (ID/MI) are among the persons supported by Community Systems, Inc. Persons with dual diagnoses (ID/MI) can experience a full range of mental illnesses and accompanying symptoms.

Diagnosis is sometimes challenging for clinicians, because a person’s intellectual disabilities may impair their insight and accurate reporting of symptoms.

Persons with dual diagnoses are helped with a variety of strategies, including:

  • Positive behavioral supports
  • Psychiatrists and psychologists who specialize in ID/MI
  • Well-trained CSI staff
  • Approved psychotropic medications
  • And community supports

Persons with ID/MI live and work successfully in their community with residential and employment supports provided by CSI. A few may require infrequent and brief inpatient hospitalization but, if so, return to their CSI-supported homes thereafter.