A Day to Reflect……..

Today is a day that brought about the need to reflect and give thanks.  Easter is normally a day many people spend with families, deep with traditions, surrounded by loved ones and often sharing our faith.   In our world of new schedules, mandates and quarentines  many people are unable to be with their families and are  with their CSI families this Easter Sunday.  For many people we support and their families this is a difficult change in traditions and routines.  For our staff it is giving up the time they can be with those they love.  The CSI values of Respect, Innovation, Integrity, Compassion, Accountability and Perserverance are guiding our world as never before.  Each person has shown how much they truly care and continue with a smile and positive attitude.

A deep thank you to families……

To the families of those we support, thank you so much for keeping everyone at CSI safe by respecting our policy of no visitors and no home visits. 

To the families of our staff, thank you for sharing your loved one so selflessly.

Let us all take this day to reflect on our many, many blessings and how the world is a better place because of each and every one of you!!

To you and your family, be safe and our deepest gratitude!!

Janet Butler, CEO               Guri Davis, COO                  Sandra Coady, CFO

Chad Leavell, Dir.of IT                   Nan Vierra, Adm. Assistant