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Case Management Supports

CSIs welcome the opportunity to provide targeted case management and in-home services. Referrals may come from government or directly from families who have already received flexible financial resources to proceed.

Some of the adults supported by CSI with case management services are persons with mild intellectual disabilities (and potentially accompanying physical disabilities) who are capable of living alone, but may need periodic assistance with:

  • Problem Solving
  • Community Integration
  • Money Management
  • Calendar Planning
  • Medication Management
  • Medical Appointments
  • Healthcare Monitoring
  • And/or other domains within their independent life

Most often, CSI's service emphasis is on higher order problem solving, not providing companionship, or housekeeping services. CSI may, however, help with the hiring and supervision of a Personal Care Attendant, if that is warranted.

Other adults supported with case management may have more severe intellectual disabilities and live with their family or with friends (the latter with and sometimes without disabilities). Still other adults supported with case management may live with their spouses and children. The nature of supports varies.

With families and their children, CSI's responsibilities may include any of the above named functions, but may be even more comprehensive. For example, CSI may help:

  • Develop parenting skills
  • Introduce positive behavior supports for a child with challenging behavior
  • Configure and adapt a home to the needs of a child with severe physical disabilities
  • Interface with the public school system
  • Interact with the child's Program Planning Team (PPT) to advocate for the child's rights to education and healthcare

CSI-Massachusetts provides case management services to adults with disabilities living independently or with family and to children with disabilities who live with their family, rather than in a residential school or institution.
CSI-Connecticut also provides services to youth living with their families.
CSI-Northern Virginia provides case management services to persons with acquired brain injury living independently.

Each CSI welcomes the opportunity to provide supports to persons in non-traditional housing models. Persons may be referred by government agencies, non-profit organizations, or individual families.

Supported Employment Looking for great employees?

We can help you build your team! Community Systems, Inc. can help you hire great staff. We support people in our community to be successful, contributing, engaged team members. If you hire our referrals you get proud team members who are responsible, reliable, dependable, productive, hardworking, and committed. CSI staff will meet with you to determine the employment needs of your business. We then present you with employee referrals and options we have available. There may be tax benefits to your business to hire our referrals.

We offer:

  • Individual employees who will be supported to become dedicated, excellent team members.
  • Small work crews who can perform landscaping, cleaning, food preparation.
  • Volunteers to help your business grow, while they obtain on the job training.
  • Basic office duties such as filing, answering phones and receptionist duties.
  • Day supports
  • Community-based program specifics
  • Group employment
  • Supported employment
  • Community engagement

Find out how your organization can benefit from CSI referrals: Call 860.482.2887 or email [email protected]

“CSI has a very effective workforce, always reliable, always productive. CSI staff give 110% supporting individuals who work here.”
~Robert Cristaldi, Manager, Napa Auto Parts, Torrington, CT

Enhanced Living Opportunities
Residential Supports

Because there’s no place like home, CSI will help you develop your personal vision statement articulating your dreams and desires. CSI will help you realize your dream of building a happy home life with whom you choose, where you choose, and with the supports you need. Whether in a group home, in shared living support or in your own apartment, CSI will help you find happiness in your own home.

Individual living supports

Assist each person to live in a home or apartment with the level of support they desire and recommended by their team. There may be 24 hour a day supports or as little as two hours a week depending on the person’s strengths, challenges, and safety needs.

“Home is where you feel loved, appreciated and safe.”

Group homes

Provide 24 hour staff supports for 4 or fewer persons to live together. All efforts are made for people to live with the fewest number of housemates, in the communities of their choice, and with people with whom they have shared interests.

In My Own Home

  • Helping a person to articulate who they want to live with
  • Helping them determine where they want to live
  • Helping each person to receive the best supports

Building Individual Living Options

  • It starts with a dream...
  • Ascertain the vision and dreams of the person
  • Identify the living arrangements that are driven by their vision
  • Outline the supports needed


  • Creative individualized living arrangements
  • Apartments with less than 24 hour supports
  • Drop-in supports
  • Shared living supports
  • Family support

Shared living

Living and being supported with a nondisabled roommate who is compensated to be your primary support person. The supports help each person to be inclusive members of their home and community.

Shared Living Options

  • Home provider lives with the person in the home provider’s home
  • Home provider lives with the person in the person’s home
  • Home provider lives with a person in a home belonging to CSI

Shared Living - CSI Provides

  • Team support to meet needs of the person
  • Financial management for the person
  • Stipend payment
  • Referral to adult family care
  • Staffing to help the person
  • Payment for respite staff

What Does It Look Like

  • Each support is developed around the needs of the person
  • Each team builds the network of supports for the person and home provider
  • A real life!

To learn how CSI's residential supports can help you or a loved one find happiness and independence through supported living: call 860.482.2887 or email [email protected]

Acquired & Traumatic Brain Injury Supports
Recreate a life & live it well

Community Systems, Inc. offers supports for living life well with Acquired and Traumatic Brain Injury

Factors that contribute to the success of our ABI Support program:

  • CSI’s commitment to ensuring that the person’s vision drives the supports and our ability to assist individuals to articulate their dreams
  • Our ability to maximize opportunities to realize their goals with limited resources
  • Our strong network of generic supports
  • CSI’s knowledge of entitlements and available resources
  • Our organizational Leadership and Team approach
  • Our commitment to empowering staff to be leaders (use of key staff)
  • Our use of knowledgeable, long-term staff
  • CSI’s ability to capitalize on staff strengths, interests and relationships in the community

Person centered. Goal driven.

  • The person’s vision of living well is the core of our support
  • CSI helps to maximize opportunities and realize goals despite limited resources
  • CSI’s organizational leadership and team approach, empowering our staff to be leaders
  • Ability to capitalize on staff strengths, interests, and relationships in the community
  • Community engagement

“My husband and I are so grateful for CSI and the wonderful work they do. The help that CSI provides makes a world of difference in our lives. We now have assistance with travel to and from doctor visits along with assistance during the appointments as well. Keep up the great work CSI.”
~ The Paige Family