Employment with CSI

We welcome your inquiry about employment with Community Systems, Inc. Our employment opportunities are in northwest Connecticut, northern Delaware, southeastern Massachusetts, and northern Virginia.

Why will you find us an appealing employer? Because we offer you the opportunity to enhance lives — your own by finding new meaning in your job, and the lives of people with disabilities by helping them…to find happiness in their personal relationships, in their own homes, and as contributing members of their community.

Other reasons to complete our Pre-application for Employment are:

  • among like employers, we pay above average
  • our training program, with paid attendance, substantially exceeds state mandates
  • our tuition reimbursement program
  • our Longevity Incentive Program in lieu of a traditional pension program
  • our generous Earned Leave program in lieu of traditional vacation/sick leave
  • health and life insurance
  • access to dental & disability insurance
  • cafeteria plan: pre-tax payment for healthcare, dependent care expenses
  • our subsidized employee fitness program
  • our new Healthy Lifestyles Reward Program
  • our birthday benefit, following six years of service
  • opportunity to share your music, sports and other skills with folks we support, and
  • opportunities to visit out-of-state vacation destinations with folks we support

CSI is a smoke-free workplace.

Let us hear from you. Thank you.