Living Life Well

Community Systems is so proud to share in the success stories presented below. They each represent a story of triumph over adversity that inspire the staff and families that know them. We all feel very fortunate to have played a role in them.

  • alyson


    My name is Alyson, and I grew up in Northern Virginia. I attended my home County’s High School and graduated in 1999. I lived in my own apartment before moving to my new home. I moved because of increasing health issues and have since lost and kept off 60 pounds.
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  • clifton


    Clifton, 29 years old, is living a full life now, having experienced a remarkable life change since coming to CSI’s residential supports six years ago. Clifton came from an out-of-state campus-style residential program, having lived there for five years (age 17-22).
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  • kenny


    Kenny is an extraordinary man who, in the past year, has become a publicly recognized figure. Kenny, who is wheelchair using as a result of a cerebral hemorrhage experienced when he was 11 years old, has created a website…
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  • lou-ann-robin

    LouAnn & Robin

    In early 2007, LouAnn and Robin found an attractive apartment in which they now live along with their kitten, Tinkerbell. The apartment is centrally located in a small CT city, so the young women can easily get to local stores and participate in the many social activities they engage in…
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  • michael


    Michael became a member of the CSI family in December of 2005. Michael’s strengths are communicating, reading, memorization, maintaining relationships with friends and family, and musical trivia, to name a few. He enjoys traveling, attending outdoor concerts, shopping…
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  • michael-h

    Mike H.

    Mike has lived in a CSI-supported home since 1994. He came to us after experiencing very difficult times, both the loss of contact with his family and a series of involuntary program discharges, given his extreme and unrelenting behaviors.
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  • brian


    Brian moved to a two-person home supported by CSI in 2003. He had last lived in out-of-state placements and in a behavioral health center. Throughout his first two years with CSI, it was apparent that Brian was an unhappy person, struggling with several issues.
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  • caroline


    Caroline joined the CSI family in 2001. Caroline has Prader-Willi Syndrome and, as a result, has Type II diabetes as well. When she joined CSI, she weighed 185 lbs which, given the very short stature of persons with her disability, placed her at risk.
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  • charles


    In December of 1991, Charles moved from a nursing home to a newly opened, CSI-supported ICF/MR. Charles was quite happy there, having new access to the community and his own room in which he cultivated plants, one of his great loves. Among his five housemates, however, Charles had no real peer.
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  • diana


    Diana was a true pioneer when in 1994, at 22 years of age, she became one of the first people to choose her own supports. A consumer-direected Request for Proposals was issued by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and a reception held to allow Diana to meet prospective providers.
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  • erik


    CSI was asked to support Erik six years ago, and he moved to a CSI-supported home with three other young men. Erik, a young man with multiple diagnoses, had a long history of physical aggression. His aggression would often follow unsuccessful efforts to communicate his thoughts and feelings verbally.
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  • joanne


    Life changed for Joanne (“Jo”) when over twelve years ago she stood alone, without her peers, family or interdisciplinary team, and left her long-term agency for CSI because she wanted more out of life.
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  • lisa


    Lisa spent her early life in foster homes after being removed from her mother’s custody. At age six, she was adopted into a loving family with other adopted children. By age nine, her adoptive parents were advised Lisa would never read, lead a normal life, or recover from her early childhood trauma, but her parents persevered.
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  • marvin


    Marvin is a young man, in his early 30s, who has received supports from CSI for over ten years. Ten years ago, he was a shy young man with limited skills of daily living. However, he was already employed at a neighborhood tavern, where he continues to work today, and he was also in a committed relationship with Kim, whom he had dated in high school.
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  • mike-howard

    Mike & his friend Howard

    I have worked with Mike since 1996 when at 22 years of age he moved into a CSI supported home. Mike’s transition there was a little rough as he likes a routine and, initially, he lacked both a routine and a primary Counselor.
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  • venancio


    Venancio came to the United States over 20 years ago. He has limited family supports. His son lives here with little contact, and his mother, who declines to fly internationally, lives in the family’s home country.
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