Meet Some of Our Heroes

Community Systems is proud to share in the successes of the people we've supported over the past 40 years.


Living Life Well Community Systems presents some of our favorite success stories.

Each represents a triumph over adversity and inspires the staff and families who know them. We all feel very fortunate to have played a supporting role.

Meet Andrew

Drawing his inspiration from the happiest place on Earth, Andrew in Delaware is fueled by his love of model trains. Like Walt Disney himself, he is an engineer of happiness whose playful spirit motivates everything he does...

Meet Beth

Beth's dazzling transformation shows how your donations not only provide life-changing help with job coaching, but they also empower CSI Stars like Beth to pay it forward.

Meet Debbie

Learn how, with your support, Debbie's journey toward independence led to her becoming the architect of her own life.

Meet Dom

An impressive goal crusher and admirable role model to his housemates, success is a daily practice for Dom. Meeting the challenges of life during the pandemic, Dom's story is a study in transformation that led to the making of a champion.

Meet Kenny

Kenny is an extraordinary man who, in the past year, has become a publicly recognized figure. Kenny, who is wheelchair using as a result of a cerebral hemorrhage experienced when he was 11 years old, has created a website....

Meet Lisa

Focusing her energies and efforts toward a colorful future, a social butterfly like Lisa finds a way to “Zoom” toward her dream of becoming more independent, developing new talents, and learning how to deal with the stress of daily life.

Meet Maddie

Part of CSI's mission is to help persons with disabilities to find happiness in their own homes. For Maddie, a home of her very own is exactly what she needed to be truly happy.

Meet Marvin and Kim

High school sweethearts, Marvin and Kim have proven that with each other's support and the support of CSI, fairy tales can come true. Together they fulfilled their dreams of marriage, home, and family.   

Meet Pendar

Pendar's story of life-changing artistic and personal transformation is a great example of how a little recognition can go a long way.

Meet Todd

Todd has had many successes since coming to CSI, from branching out and meeting new wounded warriors within support groups, expanding his social capital within the community, and experiencing new and exciting activities of interest.

Meet Tommy

In this story, learn about how Tommy looked to the power of friendship to get through the challenges of the pandemic.

Meet Willie

Patience and gratitude are two of the guiding principles that have led Willie to find peace and happiness.