A Social Butterfly!

A Social Butterfly   While many of us have struggled through this pandemic, Lisa has been making the most of every opportunity she can find. She has been thriving and transforming during this time while taking refuge in safety like a cocoon.Happiness Happens in Zoom Meetings Lisa has been focusing her energies and efforts toward a colorful future. A social butterfly, Lisa has been zooming her way toward becoming more independent, developing new talents, and learning how to deal with the stress of daily life.Lisa participates in at least seven Zoom calls per week, including her church choir practice! She has been actively taking virtual classes, developing new talents, and connecting with her friends and co-workers. While she is not able to weave in person with her co-workers in Alexandria due to COVID-19, she keeps her skills sharp by weaving at home.

ABOVE: Seven Zoom Calls a Week! Equipped with her new tablet, Lisa masters how to thrive with virtual classes and regular Zoom sessions.


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Above & Beyond From March through October of the pandemic, Lisa moved in with CSI support provider, Pam and her family. Living with Pam full-time was like being cocooned in safety. This is one of several examples of how CSI staff have gone above and beyond to provide continuous, uninterrupted support during the pandemic! While staying with Pam, Lisa had lots of fun baking, shopping online, and playing with the family dog.
Lisa has openly shared her gratitude for her CSI support team.

She even created appreciation posters and videos to let CSI staff members know how much their work is appreciated. Lisa is a pleasure to be around, and is always quick to give a compliment. Here's one we particularly love:
“I like CSI; praise the Lord, the staff is wonderful!” ~ Lisa

Part of the Family
Lisa has been finding ways to grow her own gorgeous wings woven with possibilities — made of the stuff of dreams for the future and appreciation of everyone around her. She finds ways to connect and show her affection, building others up as she goes.   While Lisa savored her months at Pam’s house, she was happy to move back into her own apartment in November. Her dreams for the future continue to empower her, and her steady progress inspires our CSI family as we celebrate her achievements.   Lisa is especially excited to have received a very special, beautiful ring from her boyfriend! They began dating in February 2019 and hope to move in together after the pandemic when we’re able to get back to “normal.”     
“Happiness is like a butterfly, the more you chase it, the more it will evade you, but if you notice the other things around you, it will gently come and sit on your shoulder" ~ Henry David Thoreau

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$25 provides crafters like Patty in Connecticut with materials to express her creativity
$50 helps hobbyists like Bob in Connecticut build his own workbench so he can repair small engines
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$300 supports student artists like Tommy in Massachusetts to continue art classes
$500 makes it possible for people like Michael in Delaware to take a trip with his mom to the Poconos
$1,000 contributes to installing home generators that will keep medical equipment functioning during power outages

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