Celebrating the DSPs of CSI-CT

Community Systems, Inc. knows that our direct support professionals (DSPs) are at the core of making a difference for each of the persons we support.  We are so proud to celebrate some of the dedicated, mission-driven superstars at CSI-CT that make a positive impact in the lives of the persons we support each and every day!

Michael Killiany is one of the most mission minded Direct Support Professionals you could ask for! Mike has been with CSI for almost six years and has worked in two different locations. He has been supporting three young gentlemen for almost three years now and has formed a wonderful relationship with each of them. These relationships are based on compassion, caring, trust and mutual respect. Through his actions and interactions with the gentlemen it is clear that their well-being and safety is always first on his mind. He knows the gentlemen’s goals and visions and works hard on a daily basis to assist them with finding happiness in their lives. He is able to keep a level head in any situation and proves to be a superstar staff every day. Thank you Mike for all that you do!


Jennifer Bensey offers her artistic talents and creativity to the ladies and gentleman who she supports. Jennifer goes above and beyond to ensure there are always projects available for everyone to work on. Day Services is a cheerful, vibrant and enjoyable atmosphere in part due to the consistent stream of artwork on display. Jennifer’s commitment to the people we support and our mission is evidenced by her dedication to ensuring people are provided with active meaningful days. Thank you Jennifer, for all you do every day and for adding a bit more color to our lives!


Michelle Kioko is a true example of what it means to be an exemplary staff! She has introduce the ladies to the world of travel. The ladies have visited and enjoyed Fort Ticonderoga, Walt Disney World, the Bahamas, Boston and Lake Champlain, just to mention a few.  Michelle also excels with using CSI resources in the most resourceful manner. She shops and cooks the most amazing, healthy and nutritious meals, all while remaining under budget.


Jennifer Rogers was hired at CSI in August 2017. Jennifer started as a per diem staff, and it was very obvious, right from the get-go that Jennifer was an amazing staff and emulated CSI’s values and mission statement. In December 2017, Jennifer took a full time position.  Jennifer has been a consistent, reliable and often a calming influence for the gentlemen she supports. We are very blessed to be able to assist Jennifer and have her on our CSI Team.


Patricia Adkins has flourished in her unique roll of DSP building relationships with all of those she works with. Patricia has recently taken on the additional task of Job Development. Patricia “hit the ground running”; she has been instrumental in much needed employment advertisement, meeting with a potential employer, and identified areas for growth. Patricia doesn’t hesitate to take every opportunity available to her to teach those she works with; whether its work ethic or how to complete tasks. Patricia is an asset in each role she plays and we are lucky to have her. Thank you Patricia for all you do!


Martin Onyango is a DSP who consistently goes above and beyond for the people he supports. Martin helps the gentlemen to achieve their visions and their goals. He is quick to volunteer to bring them on vacation and has brought the guys to Disney, the Poconos, and Niagara falls just to name a few places. He is a great team player and is always willing to help out his fellow co-workers.


Oluwatosin Gbadamosi has consistently proven to be an exceptional DSP assisting the gentlemen residing at two homes. Tosin works very hard to ensure that the guys are living their vision every day. He provides opportunities for the gentlemen to explore activities and places that are of interest to them. When Tosin is working, the guys are always on the go doing something fun! He is very attentive to their needs and assists them through situations with respect while maintaining dignity. He encourages and assists the gentlemen with maintaining their homes. Tosin has a great relationship with all the guys and is able to work well with each of them as there is a sense of mutual respect. He has assisted the gentlemen from one home on their vacations to Rhode Island last year and is planning another vacation with one of the guys to the Cape in the near future. Thank you Tosin!


Edna Chiu is truly a star. She is extremely flexible and does whatever she has to do to make the ladies she supports happy. When she is asked to do something she gets it done right away with no hesitation and she looks for new ideas every day. Edna is a beautiful example of a super star staff!


Deanna Lilley has been a staunch advocate ensuring the health and safety of the people she’s supported for the past three years. She has formed wonderful relationships with each person and is truly loved by them. Deanna has proven to be a very reliable and dependable member of the team. When the home was without a manager, the new director often turned to her for assistance which was offered without hesitation. This past spring, Deanna assisted two of the gentlemen she supports on a magical five day Disney vacation in Florida. This trip presented challenges at times which were always countered with a positive can-do attitude and the gentlemen had a wonderful time! Thank you for all you do Deanna!


Spencer Curtin has been a wonderful addition to the CSI family. He is an outgoing and thoughtful member of the team who has an innate ability to find the positive in situations. Spencer enjoys spending time with the gentlemen both in their home and finding fun and exciting activities in their community. He is highly regarded by the gentlemen he supports and his fellow team members. Thank you Spencer!