Celebrating the DSPs of CSI-MA

Community Systems, Inc. knows that our direct support professionals (DSPs) are at the heart of making a positive impact for each of the persons we support.  We are so proud to celebrate some of the caring, dedicated, mission-driven superstars at CSI-MA that make a difference in the lives of the persons we support each and every day!


Gwendolyn Baskin works tirelessly to ensure the health and safety of all the people that live in the home she supports. Recently a new gentleman moved in and Gwen made it her mission to help him adjust and feel a part of his new home. She looks at all angles to ensure their supports are designed especially for them. Gwen also keeps in touch with all the guardians to help them adjust to the changes in their lives.


Kara Ficarro has worked for CSI for many years. She will jump and fill any shift that needs to be filled. The ladies love her. Kara spends a lot of extra time helping other homes out. She is looking forward to the CSI’s leadership retreat and furthering her education with SRV training.


Karina Olea has been with CSI for three years and has been serving as the Assistant House manager at a home for the past two years. Karina has worked diligently in serving the people in their homes to find happiness. Karina has supported this home with many transitions and always has a smile on her face. Karina offers her time to help out where ever needed. She is an amazing member to the team and we are grateful for her dedication.


Joe Tocci is the direct support professional every team needs. Up until recently Joe was an amazing relief staff that picked up shifts in several homes. Joe recently committed to a full time position where he brings happiness to the four gentlemen, while still helping other homes where he can. Joe’s knowledge and care of the gentlemen is a beautiful thing to see. As the team rebuilds Joe shares his knowledge with the new employees so that they can grow into strong, educated team members like himself. Joe treats every person he encounters with respect and dignity throughout all of his interactions at CSI-MA!


Emily Gutierrez is a shining star at CSI-MA. She’s highly involved in all aspects of Charlie’s life. Charlie has always envisioned having a big family, and when it wasn’t safe for him to be living independently the opportunity arose for him to become part of Emily’s extended family. Emily has brought a sense of family and of peace to Charlie, that he hadn’t encountered in a long time. Emily shines when caring for and supporting everyone in her department.


Greg Maciel has been with CSI-MA since February. Greg supports Winnie, Torrie & Bobby in one of our homes. Greg supports all the folks and has a caring relationship with each person at that home. Greg enjoys spending time with the folks – taking bike rides with Torrie at the canal, spending time at a baseball game together, going out to eat, as well as many other adventures. Greg is planning mini-vacations with those he assists in this home. Greg respects and cares for their home and is a leader in this home. He is a superstar. Greg faced many challenges while in this home and has risen to the challenges during the transitional periods staying true to the needs and dreams of those he cares for. He is a strong advocate and has been instrumental with training new staff.


Brooke Fernandes brings energy and joy to all that she encounters. She has supported Kathy since joining CSI-MA, and has helped both Kathy’s self-confidence and her independence grow. Brooke supports Kathy as she works at our CSI-MA office twice a week supporting our office team. They also coordinate the “Backpack Program” that provides breakfast, lunch and dinner to families in need through one of our local elementary schools.


Kay Burns does what it takes to support the people at CSI-MA! Kay steps in to support eight individuals to make each of their lives better. She advocates on their behalf and supports them as they continue to live as independently as possible. From a willing ear to listen, to planning outings, to supporting them with daily activities, Kay is there for each of them!