Celebrating the DSPs of CSI-VA

Community Systems, Inc. knows that our direct support professionals (DSPs) are at the heart of making a difference for each of the persons we support.  We are so proud to celebrate some of the countless superstars at CSI-VA that make a positive impact in the lives of the persons we support each and every day!

Rob Litchfield has been an awesome support system for over the past 10 years. He excels at cheering those he supports as they acheive several milestones from moving out of a group home to their own apartments to vacations to pet ownership. Rob has time and time again put their hopes and dreams first. On a recent occasion he has helped one gentlemen who was hospitalized in a different state while on vacation for several days. The people supported look forward to seeing him and spending time with him on a daily basis.

Jack Provencal is a gem and superb asset to CSI-VA. Jack’s personality and work ethic shines through on a daily basis in his commitment to the people he supports. He genuinely cares for them and is in their corner cheering them on. His connection to the three new gentlemen living in nearby apartments has positively impacted each of their lives. He has helped one gentleman live a healthier drug free life, another gentleman connect with others and the last gentleman with strengthening several of his personal relationships. Jack has displayed his commitment to CSI in stepping up when there is a need. Jack is a DSP that shows true leadership in his everyday actions.

Amie Molley is an exceptional employee. She is a creative and innovative thinker who uses this skill to empower the individuals that she supports by helping them engage in activities, exercise, promote a healthy life style, and accomplish their goals. Amie is the type of person who will ask, “What is it that you would like for me to do?” as opposed to having you tell her what to do. Amie is a reliable and dependable person who enjoys what she does and is always productive while at work. Is she perfect? No, but she is willing to strive for perfection by learning, maturing, and developing her skills while working with the people we support.

Lauren Pham’s commitment to the people she supports in local apartment is unwavering. Lauren works mostly overnights and as an overnight Lauren goes above and beyond. She researches for things the people supported like, she prepares their favorite breakfast foods and looks for areas she can help her colleagues. And it does not stop there; Lauren volunteers several times during the non-working hours to ensure the people supported are able to achieve things they desire whether it is a special birthday lunch party, driving someone to visit a family member or even an event that is during an unusual time, Lauren is quick to volunteer to help and figure out childcare for her own two children to make it happen!

There is so much to say about Taylor, that describes how outstanding she is in all she does. To say that she is responsible and dedicated to her job, is an understatement. Taylor is always ready and willing to go above and beyond, not only with the wonderful people that she supports, but with all the staff that she works with. There is no job that Taylor isn’t able to address with creativity and expertise. Always willing to learn, never afraid to ask for help, and always getting the job done. Many thanks to Taylor and the wonderful others that strive for excellence at CSI each and every day. Taylor and the CSI family of workers are truly the backbone of such a wonderful organization, the foundation of hope, and the future, that will continue to serve our communities with such grace and superb service.

Jason Christensen is a wonderful employee for CSI and for the people we support. Jason has supported all of the people in getting the most out of their life. He has encouraged them to discover their dreams and find ways to achieve their dreams. He has helped people support arrange vacations to see concerts and see their favorite sport teams at home. Jason has demonstrated patience beyond belief and offers stability for all those around him. He is an absolute treasure to the people he supports at CSI-VA.

Jeff Haskins is a quiet and mild-manner person who began working with us after meeting the people supported through his previous job as a transportation provider. He enjoyed his position, but felt an inner drive to do more. He inquired at CSI and eventually came on-board to work directly with the people he was driving to work. After acclimating to our culture and mission, Jeff dove in and began integrating the people we support in the community. On the weekends, he came in during his off-time to take people to church and eat lunch afterwards. Jeff works with a lady who is notorious for having a cantankerous attitude, but she fell in love with Jeff and always requests to have him work at her home. They go to church together, go shopping and he takes her to spend time with her sister. Jeff is someone who thinks positively and can execute difficult tasks. He’s not a person who needs to be micro-managed. Rather, when given a specific task, he can figure out the best ways to solve the problem in an autonomous manner.