Preparing for Coronavirus

As part of our continued effort to monitor the coronavirus’ spread, Community Systems will make a series of posts that we feel might be useful to our families, employees, and supported individuals.

First among them is an excellent article that comes by way of Scientific American. Arguably, we have entered into the most concerning phase of the infection’s spread, as public gatherings are being discouraged, meeting spaces and large events are being canceled. It leaves us wondering what exactly should we do?

From Scientific American:

As the new human coronavirus spreads around the world, individuals and families should prepare—but are we? The Centers for Disease Control has already said that it expects community transmission in the United States, and asked families to be ready for the possibility of a “significant disruption to our lives.”

Be ready? But how? It seems to me that some people may be holding back from preparing because of their understandable dislike of associating such preparation with doomsday or “prepper” subcultures. Another possibility is that people may have learned that for many people the disease is mild, which is certainly true, so they don’t think it’s a big risk to them. Also, many doomsday scenarios advise extensive preparation for increasingly outlandish scenarios, and this may seem daunting and pointless (and it is). Others may not feel like contributing to a panic or appearing to be selfish.

The article is an excellent entry point on your preparedness planning. Read more at Scientific American’s website.