Update March 16, 2020 Office Closings- CEO letter

Dear CSI Family,

CSI is continuing to monitor all aspects of the corona outbreak and adjust our operations to meet the needs of those we support and our valued team members.

CSI is committed to provide our staff the balance to help maintain optimum health, balance family demands and handle financial responsibilities.  We will work hard to ensure the virus outbreak and the changes made to accommodate the new needs of those CSI supports, do not affect our staff and their families detrimentally.  Please speak to your manager if you have concerns about your work schedule or other extenuating needs.  We are committed to assist if at all possible.  We are also committed to ensure you continue to receive the financial means for you to weather this storm.

CSI has made the decision to close the business offices in CSI Massachusetts, CSI Virginia, CSI Delaware and CSI Connecticut today at 5pm.   We will remain closed until the officials give clearance to reopen.  CSI will continue to operate our office based functions remotely.  The focus is to decrease the need for people to congregate, provide the opportunity for social distancing and hopefully mitigate some of the potential spread of the COVID-19 outbreak.    We expect all critical functions –payroll, reimbursements, health insurance, and human resource support to continue, with some modifications to processes.  You will receive specific instructions from your individual business team on any changes happening to the processes at your CSI.

If you need to reach someone at your office, you can call the normal phone number.  Calls are being routed to the staff where they are working.  Our email system remains up and running and we will be communicating via our blog page (www.communitysystems.org) and on the CSI Facebook page.

CSI is also looking at more flexible options to provide supports and more creative employee schedules.  Again, the changes are being made with the focus to decrease shift changes and  limit the number of people coming in and out of homes.  If you have creative ideas, please bring them to your manager for consideration.

I am deeply appreciative of the many, many people CSI has in its circle that have stepped up and committed to be there for those we support.  I recognize the personal sacrifice and the level of dedication and compassion involved.  Our CSI Team Members are a group of people that truly embrace the CSI values and care about the people we support.  For this I am truly grateful.

Please, if you have any question of exposure or quarantine has been recommended, do not come to work.  If you are showing signs of illness, do not come to work. Notify your team leader by telephone with your concerns.  Also, remain vigilant with social distancing, handwashing and good cough etiquette as these are the steps to help protect you and those around you.

Again, I am truly grateful to all who make CSI the great organization it is.

With my thoughts and prayers,

Janet Butler,