Healthy Lifestyles Rewards Program

We are proud of the collaborative efforts involved in 2008 to create our Healthy Lifestyle Rewards Program (HLRP). Several people from each CSI helped to frame the program, its activities, and rewards.

Like our long-standing Tuition Reimbursement Program, this new program is foremost an investment in the personal growth and well-being of our employees. We undertake the HLRP hoping to maximize participation among employees. Secondly, we recognize that healthy team members will better ensure the health of persons with disabilities for whom we are responsible. And thirdly, healthy employees have the potential for reducing workplace injuries, resulting in lower workers compensation premiums. Lowered premiums, in turn, may give CSI a future source of financial resources which can better be devoted to employee wages.

Participation in the HLRP is encouraged by CSI’s on-going subsidy of your gym membership. Participation begins with health education; followed by pursuit of your personal health goals with the support of your personal physician; and followed, in turn, by CSI team participation in activities such as charity walk-a-thons.

Throughout the program year you keep count of your point score with the aid of our on-line data sheet. Along the way you have the opportunity to win prizes ranging from movie tickets to much more, depending upon the levels you reach.

Ask about our HLRP when speaking with a CSI representative about your interest in employment with us!