LouAnn & Robin

lou-ann-robinCSI first met Robin and her younger sister in 1999 when both were urgently in need of residential supports. They moved together to a CSI-supported home already having three
persons in residence. Robin lived in the home’s in-law apartment, while her sister became an integral part of the home. Over several years, staff supported Robin to become more skilled in household management and activities of daily living, encouraging her to consider supported, independent living. She and her sister were unable to emotionally part, however, and so Robin continued to live in her accessory dwelling unit to the disappointment of her circle of support.

In late 2006 a new opportunity developed. LouAnn had personally chosen CSI to provide her residential supports, but very late in the arrangement process her chosen apartment mate withdrew in anxiety. LouAnn is a very capable young woman who had lived lifelong with her mother or aunt and was then in her junior year in high school. CSI introduced Robin and LouAnn, encouraging them to share shopping trips, lunches, and other activities by way of introduction. Persuaded finally that she could move and still remain physically and emotionally close to her sister, Robin agreed to become LouAnn’s apartment mate.

In early 2007, LouAnn and Robin found an attractive apartment in which they now live along with their kitten, Tinkerbell. The apartment is centrally located in a small CT city, so the young women can easily get to local stores and participate in the many social activities they engage in. In April 2007 they hosted a house-warming party, so that family and friends could share in the excitement of their new life.

LouAnn maintains a very close relationship with her mother by calling her several times daily and visiting daily. Robin also continues to share a very close relationship with her sister by going to the movies, inviting her sister over for dinner, or just chatting on the phone.

The year 2007 was a very exciting and busy year for both young women. Not only did they settle into their new home, but LouAnn finished her last year of high school and Robin started a competitive job re-stocking shelves at a local supermarket. Following graduation, LouAnn now works at the local YMCA in janitorial services. Both have quickly matured in their jobs and require only minimal job coaching. And they receive approximately 200 flexible hours of residential supports per month.

Their shared friendship, but daily pursuit of independent activities is a plus in their being successful apartment mates. Robin is a competitive swimmer with many trophies and medals, who also enjoys her computer, while LouAnn likes to talk on the phone and spend time with friends. Both women enjoy parties, dancing, bowling, and shopping.