24-Hour Supports in Shared Living

Shared living describes a home in which a person with disabilities lives with a non-disabled person (or family) who has accepted contractual responsibility for the well-being of the person.

Within this model, CSI has primary contractual responsibility for the well-being of the person with disabilities and seeks a sub-contractor to provide housing, supervision, meals, and related supports. Oftentimes the housing provider is a CSI staff person or other person well known to CSI to give an additional measure of assurance about quality. Many individuals who grew up in an institution, having never experienced family living, appreciate shared living, as sometimes do seniors after having lived for a period in a CSI-supported group home.

CSI has several supplemental responsibilities to the person with disabilities and his or her shared living provider. CSI provides case management, problem solving, healthcare supervision, supplemental or respite staffing (to give the housing provider some personal time throughout the week and on alternate weekends, as well as to support recreational and community activities), and other supports negotiated with the provider.

The families or guardians of persons currently supported by CSI as well as newcomers, are welcome to inquire about the potential of shared living.