Thank you for your generous contribution!

Donations like the one you just made help us to fulfill our mission of helping persons with disabilities to find happiness in their own homes, in their personal relationships, and as contributing members of their community.

Each donation we receive is important to our work. You’ve just helped us fund critical projects, like:

  • Upgrading bathrooms or build wheelchair ramps in our independent living homes
  • Purchase adaptive equipment to help those we support navigate their world, including something as amazing as a device that helps someone manage the commute to work on a city bus, or be as simple as a device that helps them express their needs, wants and desires
  • Helping us to cover the cost of medical services not covered by Medicaid or other sources, such as visits to dentists, nutritional supplements and other health related expenses

Let the world know!

Again, thank you for your valuable donation. Please spread the word our our fundraising efforts and your own contribution via social media below; the extra minute invested pays huge dividends in helping us create happiness!

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