Meet Beth This Little Light of Mine, I'm Gonna Let it Shine


Beth’s Dazzling Transformation

This Little Light of Mine – I'm Gonna Let it Shine
In 2019 we celebrated one of our beautiful CSI stars, Beth, and the transformation she made from the grief and uncertainty of losing her mom to a new life where she shines her light for all to see.

Beth's dazzling transformation shows how your donations not only provide life-changing help with job coaching, but they also empower CSI Stars like Beth to pay it forward. Mastering the art of FaceTiming with a purpose, Beth parlayed her newly found star power into raising $3,500.00 in donations for CSI's 10/10 fundraiser.

"‘Within you is the light of a thousand suns." ~ Robert Adams

Beth had struggled through a dark and sad time, grieving her beloved mother, and enduring the hard changes this loss brought to her life. It took time for her heart to begin to heal, but with the care and warmth of her new circle of friends, new dreams began to take shape in Beth’s life.

With the help of her wonderful home provider and special friend, Heather, Beth was able to choose a new life where she is more independent than ever, working her dream job and living with Heather and Heather’s family, who have become Beth’s chosen circle of family and friends.

Shine a Light

If you visit the Little Anchor Boutique, you may be helped by Beth, whose joy radiates as she has come into her own. She beams with pride at having attained her dream job where her innate sense of style and her love of fashion are on display.

All of us at CSI celebrate the astonishing transition Beth has made. Now living as part of Heather’s family and working at her dream job, Beth has found true happiness at last.


“Witnessing Beth’s transformation into the radiant woman she is now has been a source of profound joy to all of us at CSI.” ~ Janet Butler

Be the Pebble in the Pond

We hope you're inspired by how Beth was able to buy a stylish outfit to wear to her dream job at the boutique because of the generous support of people like you, our extended CSI family. Consider making a donation today to help support CSI's mission to continue to make dreams come true.

You have the power to create happiness through your kind support.