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Learn how, with your support, Debbie's journey toward independence led to her becoming the architect of her own life.

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"Home" is a Dream Realized

Debbie is a CSI Star with significant physical challenges that have proven to be no match for her inimitable will; her story is a beautiful example of how to claim one's power and create a more independent life.

When Patrice Wilkerson and David Paige of CSI Delaware first met Debbie, they saw a spark in her that hadn’t been given a chance to grow. Debbie’s medical and physical needs had always dictated her housing opportunities, and options were few, substandard, and offered little quality of life. Patrice and David saw how much potential Debbie had to create her home, and something wonderful happened: Debbie began to dream of living beyond the group home.

"So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable.” ~ Christopher Reeve

With advocacy and support as a solid foundation, Debbie became the architect of her life. Executive Director David Paige helped her advocate to get her own apartment fitted with the technological innovations that would make independence a viable option. Visualizing the lifestyle she wanted, Debbie set her goals high. She longed to be respected and supported as the intelligent woman she is, to live on her own and be the decision-maker in charge of her own life.

Blueprints for a Happy Life

A true champion with an independent spirit, Debbie persisted and achieved her goal of having her own home — she found a fully accessible, beautiful 2-bedroom apartment with a patio outside, electric doors, and all the technology needed to live as the self-determined woman she is. This has made a tremendous difference in improving the quality of Debbie’s life. She now has her own HOME that is fully outfitted to meet her needs, allowing her to be safe and in control in her own home. She is finally able to spend time alone or with friends, she coordinates her own schedule including medical appointments, transportation, work and most importantly, her social calendar. She still has many medical and physical challenges, but she knows that this is her home, and she can decide how her life goes.

There's No Place Like Home. Happiness happened for Debbie when her dream of having a place of her own came true. Debbie’s first Christmas tree in her new home sparkled almost as much as she did!

Advocacy & Support: A Solid Foundation

Encouraged to visualize a life where she could be free to choose the most basic things that others may take for granted, Debbie’s story is a wonderful example of what’s possible when a CSI Support Team comes together to empower an independent spirit to reach her full potential. Until Debbie’s new support team was in place, she hadn’t dreamed that a life beyond group home living was possible. Patrice, David, and her CSI Team supported Debbie to reach her dreams of being in control of her home and making her own decisions about her life. Debbie's journey has been filled with joy, challenges, commitments, advocacy, and accomplishments. Our ability to foster dreams like Debbie’s is one of the reasons why we love our work at CSI.

“Debbie is proud of her new life and the wonderful circle she has built around her. She has created her own happy home and made her dream a reality.” ~ Janet Butler, President/CEO Community Systems, Inc.

Be the Pebble in the Pond

We hope you're inspired by how Debbie achieved her goal to live on her own and be the decision-maker in charge of her own life. This was possible due to the generous support of people like you, our extended CSI family. Consider making a donation today to help support CSI's mission to continue to make dreams come true.

You have the power to create happiness through your kind support.