Our Successes Meet Maddie

Maddie was happiest when she had the freedom to utilize the space within her home on her own and in her own way. Thanks to the advocacy of her CSI staff, Maddie now enjoys living in a home just for her.


Maddie Finds her Comfort and Joy

When Maddie lived in a community home with three housemates, she would often choose to stay in her own room rather than socialize in the shared living areas. Though Maddie is non-verbal, it was evident that she was happier when she had more freedom to utilize the space within her home on her own and in her own way.

Maddie's CSI staff advocated on her behalf to arrange for Maddie to live in a home of her own. After researching and visiting many options, the perfect place for Maddie was finally found in the summer of 2019.

A new home of her own

Her new home is in a quiet rural neighborhood with a nearby wooded area. There are even chickens next door, which Maddie enjoys watching from her backyard. A minimalist, Maddie likes to keep everything very neat and organized. She has converted the sitting room into a tidy craft room, where she creates welcome gifts in her role as a member of the CSI Welcome Committee.

Since moving into her own home, Maddie is like a new person! She smiles a lot more, is more comfortable now that she has free reign of her space, and relishes the one-to-one support she receives from her CSI staff. She enjoys listening to oldies music while sipping coffee or tea in her kitchenette. In short, Maddie has found happiness in her own home.

CSI-CT_Maddie at home

Be the Pebble in the Pond

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