Our Successes Meet Marvin and Kim

Marvin and Kim are proof that fairy tales can come true! These high-school sweethearts never gave up on their dreams of marriage, home, and family. Today, they are living their dream!


Marvin and Kim

That was then…

When we first met Marvin, he was a shy young man with limited skills of daily living. However, he was employed at a neighborhood tavern, where he continues to work today, and he was also in a committed relationship with Kim, whom he had dated in high school.

With the assistance of his CSI support staff, Marvin learned to utilize the public transportation system to and from work, cooking and cleaning skills, and socialization skills. He was also given guidance about responsible personal behavior. In addition to having CSI’s support, Marvin also has had the support of Kim’s family, who included him as a family member.

In 2000, Kim became pregnant. Throughout her pregnancy, Marvin was a responsible partner. He attended parenting classes, participated in OB visits to her physician, and was by Kim’s side for their son’s birth. While the couple did not live together, Marvin took an active role in caring and providing for their child. In turn, CSI staff served as the baby’s advocate, ensuring that he met all developmental benchmarks.

The couple wanted very much to live together, a goal supported by CSI, but for years was unable to gain permission from Marvin’s sponsoring public agency. In late 2005, the couple finally realized their dream of living together as a family, with drop-in supports from CSI.

In July 2008, Marvin and Kim realized their ultimate dream of becoming a married couple. Their ceremony and reception, organized by their devoted CSI staff, were attended by over 40 people; their son proudly served as best man.


This is Now...

Marvin and Kim have each been at their respective jobs for over 20 years! Kim works at Bank of America and Marvin still works at Stanley’s Tavern, a casual, family-friendly sports-themed restaurant. Their dedicated CSI staff were on hand to help them adjust during the pandemic-induced shutdown. While staying safe at home, they enjoyed art projects, board games, puzzles, and lots of outdoor activities.

The active couple enjoys bowling together and going fishing in the summer. Kim is an accomplished bowler and a member of the Special Olympics bowling team, the Wizards. Marvin has retired from his Special Olympics basketball team, but not before making it to the national championships!

Proud Parents

Their son, Zaire graduated high school in 2019 and has grown into a wonderful young man. He is never too busy with work, his girlfriend, or gaming to drive his mom to church every Sunday, where he is also a youth pastor. Marvin and Kim are extremely proud of their son, as is his extended CSI family. In fact, CSI staff, Linda, has been working with Marvin since 1999 and is like another grandma to Zaire.

Theirs is more than a story of making happiness happen, for Marvin and Kim it’s truly been happily ever after!

Be the Pebble in the Pond

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