marvinMarvin is a young man, in his early 30s, who has received supports from CSI for over ten years. Ten years ago, he was a shy young man with limited skills of daily living. However, he was already employed at a neighborhood tavern, where he continues to work today, and he was also in a committed relationship with Kim, whom he had dated in high school.

With the assistance of his CSI support staff, Marvin learned to utilize the public transportation system to and from work, cooking and cleaning skills, and socialization skills. He was also given guidance about responsible personal behavior. In addition to having CSI’s support, Marvin also has had the support of Kim’s family, which included him as a family member. He visited Kim’s family home often on weekends and was included in their holiday celebrations.

In the year 2000, Kim became pregnant. Throughout her pregnancy, Marvin was a responsible partner. He attended parenting classes, participated in OB visits to her physician, and attended his son’s birth. While the couple did not live together, Marvin took an active role in his infant’s development, assisting with the purchase of baby equipment and otherwise contributing financially to Kim’s household. In turn, CSI staff served as the baby’s advocate, ensuring that the baby met all his developmental benchmarks. Marvin and his CSI support team also accepted responsibility to care for the baby one day/week at Marvin’s apartment and to host Kim and the baby for weekend visits.

The couple wanted very much to live together, a goal supported by CSI, but for four years CSI was unable to gain permission from Marvin’s sponsoring public agency. In late 2005, the couple finally realized their dream of living together as a family. They live in an attractive apartment complex, with drop by supports from CSI staff. Devoted CSI staff accept special responsibility for ensuring that their child, who excels in math and reading, remains an A student.

The couple lead an active life. Together as a family, they roller skate at a nearby indoor rink weekly. Marvin is a lead player in Special Olympics basketball, and Kim is an equally skilled bowler. Kim is a Bank of America employee, and Marvin continues his long-time employment.

In July, 2008, Marvin and Kim finally realized their dream of becoming a married couple. Their ceremony and reception, organized by their devoted CSI staff, were attended by over 40 people; their son served as best man.