Our Successes Meet Todd

Todd Delong is one of 12 veterans CSI welcomed to our support family in 2019 when CSI VA expanded their supports of persons with brain injuries to include veterans of the United States Military. At the center of Todd’s journey toward living life well is the hard work he did learning to accommodate his new challenges. In his first year at CSI, Todd focused on building his network of social support, and his transformation has been an inspiration to us all.


Victories we are Grateful to Celebrate

Todd has had many successes since coming to CSI, from branching out and meeting new wounded warriors within support groups, expanding his social capital within the community, and experiencing new and exciting activities of interest. Of all Todd’s accomplishments, learning to utilize transportation applications on his smart-phone has proven to bring additional independence and growth into his life.

Todd, now without restriction, can meet friends for dinner, go to a movie, or attend a wounded warrior support group across town with independence.

“You cannot swim for new horizons until you have courage to lose sight of the shore.” ~ William Faulkner

Kudos to Todd, for his dedication to learning something new and his ability to understand and navigate the application on his phone, which will no doubt bring him further happiness and freedom as he moves forward. Great job, Ranger Sir!

Honoring our Heroes: Giving Thanks for our Veterans

We couldn’t be prouder of the Veterans in our CSI community, and we are especially proud of our own Veterans in the CSI Family. These soldiers continue to be heroes by helping persons with disabilities find happiness in their own homes, in their personal relationships, and as contributing members of their community.

We are honored to work with heroes who inspire us every day.

Todd D7

“This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave.” ~ Elmer Davis

Consider making a donation that can directly impact the Veterans that CSI supports.

$25 provides transportation for Veterans to attend a wounded warrior support group across town
$50 helps pay for assistive technology apps that make it easier for Veterans to navigate new paths toward independence
$300 supports Veterans to explore new areas of interest and discover new talents and abilities

Be the Pebble in the Pond

We hope you're inspired by Todd's support of the wounded warriors. Because of the generous support of people like you, our extended CSI family, Todd can help our Veterans. Consider making a donation today to help support CSI's mission to continue to make dreams come true.

You have the power to create happiness through your kind support.