Our Successes Meet Willie

Willie has learned that a positive attitude knows no bounds.  With patience and perseverance, we can achieve our goals.



When asked what his biggest success has been during the pandemic, Willie answered “learning about patience”.  Willie enjoys his job at Panera Bread, where he’s worked for the past three years.  However, when the pandemic forced many businesses to shut down, Willie missed going to work and getting to see his work friends, especially his boss, Brian whom he describes as “an amazing guy”.

During the three-month closure, Willie filled his days at home with his two housemates by watching movies, going fishing, taking walks, cooking, starting a garden, and playing games - - he taught his housemates and CSI staff how to play dominoes and spades. He says he “got through it with God’s help and amazing staff”.

Patience and Gratitude

Before coming to CSI six years ago, Willie had difficulty with his emotions. “Now”, he says, “I know how to take a step back - - take a breather”.  Additionally, with the help of his CSI staff, he’s learned to read, cook, manage his finances, and many other life skills. Willie says he greatly appreciates all that CSI has done for him and that his staff is like family.

Willie’s positive attitude and perseverance certainly contribute to his successes. “Life is always going to have struggles,” he says, “you have to appreciate what God has blessed you with and pick yourself up.” He says, “it takes hard work to reach your goals and to do what you want to do in life”, but Willie knows that when he needs them his CSI family and friends will help him through!

Willie holds a certificate of appreciation for his work at Panera Bread.

Be the Pebble in the Pond

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