Our Successes Meet Dom

An impressive goal crusher and admirable role model to his housemates, success is a daily practice for Dom. Meeting the challenges of life during the pandemic, Dom's story is a study in transformation that led to the making of a champion.

Dom - Mobile

Affectionately referred to as "The Dominator," Dom has made remarkable progress channeling his energy into positive activity.

He has transformed from someone who often had difficulty communicating frustration and anger into a champion full of positivity and determination. Amy, CSI Direct Support Professional, says, “Dom has amazed his staff with his positive attitude and understanding of the quarantine during the pandemic.”


Focus in Practice

In a time that has caused frustration for many, Dom keeps the wind in his sails and calmly rides the waves. In fact, Dom has become a role model to his two housemates by setting and focusing on his goals to make the most of the extra time at home. Additionally, he shows wonderful empathy to his housemates and offers them comfort and encouragement whenever they need it. He’s like the big brother of the house even though he is the youngest!

Dom’s growing list of achievements include volunteering at the Litchfield Historical Society and at the Harwinton Volunteer Fire Department. An avid swimmer, Dom also spends a lot of time in the pool at his local YMCA and plans to train to be a lifeguard there! His greatest goal, however, is working on his literacy skills. Dom has made lots of progress and enjoys practicing every day with flash cards!

"Don't count the days, make the days count." ~ Muhammad Ali

Eyes on the prize

During the months when he couldn’t participate in his usual activities because of COVID-19, Dom set new goals for himself. His story is a lesson in resilience, reworking his fitness routine and finding ways to practice healthy living. He modified his exercise routine by amping up his home workouts when he couldn’t get his swimming time in because of the pandemic. And when the cooking classes he loved had to be put on hold, Dom continued to explore his culinary interests by cooking more at home.

Dom comes from a close-knit family that knows how to have fun and stay connected. Especially proud to have become an uncle in 2018, his love of family is evident in all he does, whether he’s showing off pictures of his young nephew or having a friendly beard-growing competition with his younger brother. Dom’s appreciation of his family is always on display.

“The Dominator,” as Amy likes to call him, continues to work hard toward his goals. With all the restrictions that have been set due to the pandemic, Dom still smiles through it and takes it one day at a time.

"The man on top of the mountain didn't fall there."
~ Vince Lombardi

Be the Pebble in the Pond

We hope you're inspired by Dom's transformation. Exercise equipment was purchased to build champions like Dom because of the generous support of people like you, our extended CSI family. Consider making a donation today to help support CSI's mission to continue to make dreams come true.

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